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Paine Proffitt (b. 1972)

Paine Proffitt is an American artist living in Stoke on Trent.

In 2018 Paine has been greatly honoured by Sporting Heritage and has been awarded sports artist ambassadors alongside many sporting greats. A collaboration of all of the top sports museums in the country supporting by The Arts Council and The Heritage.

Recently in 2016 has been working on a personal collection of on going work called The Disgraced Cosmonaut of which this collection was the first to be released.

This work has its roots in pop art culture showing items and branding from a vintage Amercian age much akin to Warhol's Campbell Soup paintings but Paine takes it a step further adding characters personifying the branding mouthing off from the canvas perhaps telling us that the advertising industry has too much of the world. 

It is political in places anti consumerism or at least anti excesses in Barewall's eyes but Paine Proffitt describes it as a way of "letting of steam".

We think it is pure brilliance, a series of work which makes us all think, beautifully done.

All works are acrylic original paintings mostly on loose canvas of which the prices include dry mounting on to board and framing in a simple thin black wooden frame.

Paine is also a great sports fan, he has developed this love onto the canvas producing a unique and recognisable style which has retained a growing fan base of award winning images throughout sports including Football, Baseball and Rugby.

His sporting work hangs in many public collections including The US Baseball Hall of Fame, The World Rugby Museum, The National Football Museum and The Kelvingrove.

Paine has also recently been honoured locally with an exhibition celebrating The Stoke on Trent European City of Sport status at The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery entitled Masters of Art and Sport.