Gill Stokes

AFTERMATH 2022 by Gill Stokes for Three Counties Open 2022


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Painting by artist Gill Stokes titled AFTERMATH 2022 by Gill Stokes for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 60 X 60 CM


My painting is painted in oils on a square block canvas. The canvas is roughly divided into three horizontal sections. At the top is a woodland scene of bare trees, silhouetted against a yellow lit sky. The middle section is a bank of rough undergrowth, painted in thick lines and stabs of many colours, mainly red, brown, and gold. The bottom section is dark water, dully reflecting the above. This began as a simple landscape painting, but as the bombing in Ukraine progressed the painting began to develop into the devastated surroundings of a bombed town.

I am a landscape artist living in Shropshire. I have always loved the countryside and as a child I would wander the fields and woods searching for wild flowers. I loved drawing and painting, and would spend my pocket money on brushes and pencils. I always wanted to be a landscape artist, and studied fine art and design at Birmingham Art College. I usually paint in oils, but I love to experiment with different paints, tools and techniques. I am excited by large dramatic or small intimate landscapes, the awesome mountains of the Highlands, or a tiny secluded corner of the forest, the varying patterns of leaves and blossom, the endless changing skies, the constantly changing ocean. My paintings will usually be many layered and complex. I build up the painting, layer upon layer, each allowing glimpses of the underlying landscape. Every painting presents a new challenge, and is approached in a different way.

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