Ethan Lemon

Self Portrait by Ethan Lemon for Three Counties Open 2022


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Painting by artist Ethan Lemon titled Self Portrait by Ethan Lemon for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 120cm x 98cm

Acrylic on canvas.

This is a rectangular painting, portrait in orientation. The composition consists of a self portrait of the Artist to the right hand side of the painting. The subject is bowing his head with eyes closed. The portrait is painted in tones of grey, he is wearing a Covid19 mask that remains its natural blue colour and contrasts the monochrome face. Below the portrait is a black road ascending into the distance behind the portrait this is separated from the green hills in the background by a yellow line curving upwards on the edge of the road. The rest of the background to the left and above the portrait is made up of green patchy fields and hills painted loosely then a bright sky which fades from white at the bottom to blue in the middle and finally a vivid red at the top of the canvas. The painting was done with acrylics and brushes onto canvas. The thought behind the concept is to reflect the time the artist spent in the country side during the pandemic trying to escape and feel free. The road symbolises freedom and wanderlust and relates to the artists love for exploring and driving. The hills represent the scenery he surrounded himself with, the sky captures the feeling he has in these places and the portrait represents finding headspace whilst still staying safe during pandemic times.

Ethan Lemon creates compositions that place colourful expressionist landscapes in juxtaposition with a contemporary style of portraiture. The painted collages are made of scenes and people photographed in his everyday life and on road-trips around the UK. Ethan combines contemporary techniques such as spray-paint and airbrush with more traditional acrylic and oil pastel onto canvas, wood and walls. Ethan applies these mediums in various ways to create his signature style.

Ethan's influences come from his surroundings and his passion for travel which consists of a combination of nature and urban life. Born and raised on the outskirts of Stoke on Trent England, a former industrial giant surrounded by country side, he spent lots of time in both the country and city settings growing up and still does today. Naturally both equally inspire his artistic output and visual taste.

Ethan's work captures the feel of the scenes, objects and people he has documented on his travels in a subjective expressionist manner, a fast and loose style, influenced by his graffiti art practice.

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