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Arthur Berry (1925 to 1994)

Arthur Berry British painter, poet and writer based in the Potteries. Arthur Berry was born in in Stoke on Trent in 1925. He studied at The Burslem School of Art and The Royal College in 1943. He died in 1994. In 2015-16 his work was shown in a major exhibition with LS Lowry. 

Arthur Berry's art has more recently been known as amongst The Northern Art School of artists from 20th century British art and he is probably the most famous from the Potteries and North Staffordshire as mentioned in the Northern Art Revisited book by acclaimed art historian Peter Davies released in 2015.

His work was recently included in a major six month exhibition entitled Lowry and Berry: Observers of Urban Life hosted by The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery which opened from Jul 25th to an extended 17th Jan 2016.

Barewall have been working with the estate for over 4 years and we are delighted to be able to offer the best selection of Arthur Berry original art and prints across the UK. We work with customers and galleries and hope that you will be delighted to see the work which has recently become available to buy.

Please read a few quotes from Berry himself which i hope helps to get to the essence of his work. He lived to express himself in all things and paintings are that at its heart.

"My paintings are mostly about familiar things, the world of the streets and houses that I grew up in. This world is both a prison and occasionally a paradise to me, I know it or think i know it from inside out."

Excerpt from Arthur Berry writing in Retrospective Art Catalogue May 1984

"Most of the images i have painted or drawn, I have either seen with my eyes or my mind's eye without being too specific about it.  If I have drawn a street it is usually not a particular street. If I have drawn a man it is unlikely to be from direct observation. I have always tried to get to the essence of the subject, the way it felt in the palm of my hand or in the spit at the end of my tongue."

"To me a rotting fence is infinitely more pleasing than the Venus de Milo, the teeth of a mongrel dog more beautiful than pearls. I am happiest in the world of codge, my Parthenon is an allotment hut knocked together out of bits of rubbish, it is the richness of poor things that I am drawn to. The dandelion is my true flower and my greatest loss is that this world I love is disappearing, but then I draw what comfort I can from the thought that 10 minutes ago is gone forever if it comes to that."

Arthur Berry

Text and images shown with kind permission from the Estate of Arthur Berry.