N260 Delft Daisy Flowers Silver Necklace by Unearthed


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Beautiful handmade silver necklace with ceramic shard found in Weston Coyney, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.

The ceramic shard was found in Longton, Weston Coyney. The ceramic shard is a lovely light blue illustration on a white background colour. It features a simple flower drawing in blue ink with petals flower head and a stem. The pattern is very English delftware in style.

The necklace includes a stone embellishment of blue quartz bead on a silver extender which can be left to dangle down at the back of the neck.

The loose extender on the silver chain of the means you can fasten the length at various points along the chain giving a flexible wearing option on wearing. 

This beautiful and unique necklace is made of recycled silver by Unearthed, an eco-friendly jewellery maker based in North Staffordshire.

Size: The necklace measures approx. 21 inches long.

Made in Stoke on Trent. Boxed.

Ref: N260 Delftware Flower Pottery Shard Silver Necklace - Found in Weston Coyney, Stoke on Trent.

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