Wyndham Lewis

Author: Farrington, Jane

Edition: 1st Edition

Number Of Pages: 128

Release Date: 01-10-1980

Details: [Lewis, Wyndham] Farrington, Jane. Wyndham Lewis with contributions by Sir John Rothestein, Richard Cork, Omar S. Pound. London, Lund Humohries, 1980. 8°. 128 pages. Illustrated softcover. Beautifully illustrated catalogue with black and white as well as coloured illustrations. Paperback. Only minor signs of wear. Includes the following essays: Jane Farrington - Wyndham Lewis - an assessment / Richard Cork - What was Vorticism ? / Omar S. Pound - Wyndham - an appreciation / Selected Bibliography Percy Wyndham Lewis (18 November 1882 – 7 March 1957) was an English writer, painter and critic (he dropped the name Percy, which he disliked). He was a co-founder of the Vorticist movement in art, and edited the literary magazine of the Vorticists, BLAST. His novels include his pre-World War I-era novel Tarr (set in Paris), and The Human Age, a trilogy comprising The Childermass (1928), Monstre Gai and Malign Fiesta (both 1955), set in the afterworld. A fourth volume of The Human Age, The Trial of Man, was begun by Lewis but left in a fragmentary state at the time of his death. He also wrote two autobiographical volumes, Blasting and Bombardiering (1937) and Rude Assignment: A Narrative of my Career Up-to-Date (1950). (Wikipedia)

EAN: 9780853314349

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

Item Condition: UsedLikeNew

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