Three Counties Open 2023 27 July to 31 Aug

3C131 The Blobs, 2023 by Matt Whiting for Three Counties Open 2023


Only 1 piece in stock!

Original Ceramic - Stoneware with various glaze artwork titled The Blobs, 2023 by artist Matt Whiting.

Size: Each Blob is h10cm x w8cm x d8cm and approx. 180g each - Displayed on masse.

Price is per piece.

Medium Ceramic - Stoneware with various glaze- Sculpture/3D*

A collection of small ceramic forms, each a round body with smaller round head. On each form a smaller football and a rugby ball shaped ear is attached to the head. Over the top is a range of glazes. Some organic coral and crater looking. Some bumpy and wrinkled. Some smooth and shiny.

Matt is an artist/designer/maker who has a passion for clay. His work is a demonstration of his love for ceramics. The forms are made on the wheel and later adorned with thrown appendages which illude to functional ceramics, while remaining purely sculptural. Glazing finishes off the process where his love for trials and experiments comes through in colour and texture.


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