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Hannah Louise Greenslade

For several years , I have been focusing on developing my skills within ceramics, specialising in the Japanese firing technique,Raku; as well as refining and perfecting my throwing skills. I share with every piece a personal and emotional bond. These three pieces represent my own journey with dyslexia. Dyslexia presents challenges on a daily basis, a life long learning difficulty with differing affects from one individual to another.

These three pieces represent an emotion I experienced during my journey of being diagnosed with this learning difficulty. Rage, Anxiety and Hope were the main emotions I focused on for this work.

Every vessel is completely individual; the beautiful and slightly imperfect exterior is juxtaposed with a white crackle interior, representing the frustration and turmoil felt within.

  • Rage is represented using a copper lustre.
  • Anxiety is represented using horse hair.
  • Hope is represented using feathers.