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Kate Windsor

Kate Windsor - Mixed Media Artist

As a Mixed Media artist my inspiration comes from everything around me. Growing up and living in Stoke on Trent, the local landscape and its inhabitants are often featured within my work .  I add to them my experiences of everyday life, travels, childhood memories and the good humour and friendliness  of the folk of the Potteries.

I use various print methods within my work including mono-print and collagraph, using collage as a method of bringing it all together. A love of textiles means that I will often use stitch within my pieces, which tend to develop organically and have elements of my travels such as the turquoise of a Greek sea and the vivid hues of an exquisite sunset.

Drawn to colour and form, I try to capture the warmth of our city with a sense of comfort, familiarity and a dash of adventure.