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Leone Amber Davis

Leone Amber Davis is a recent ceramics graduate from Liverpool Hope University, born and raised in Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

Bring from Stoke Leone says that ceramic runs in her blood, and has a passion for ceramics covers all aspects of the medium from the creating herself to the industrial heritage of the ceramics industry. 

She works in unique experimental way and creates all of the moulds, glazes and coloured clay bodies herself. 





The current collection within the gallery is a series of one of vases. Each made with the same technique of "shuttered slip casting" with the same glaze and inspiration but due to the experimental making process each one will never be replicated making them one offs. 



Her inspiration from this series came from her recent trip to brazil where she taught in a school and helped to developed the ceramic skills within a women’s cooperative. The inspiration can be seen in the platinum lustre transfer pattern on the body of the vase. The image replicates a line drawing of the school that she taught in.