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Peter Stanaway ( b. 1943 )

Peter Stanaway (MAFA) is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art.

Born in 1943 in Manchester, he studied BA Fine Art at Manchester University.

He has exhibited across the North including at Manchester Art Gallery, Salford Art Gallery, Bury Art Gallery, Stockport Art Gallery, Liverpool Cathedral, Todmorden Art Gallery, and the Hayfield Gallery.

Peter Stanaway is collected across the Northern Art scene and offers a style which is a flattened perspective with colourful combinations of graphic blocks portraying figures and urban scenes mostly related to work and live around the North.

We at Barewall love his work and think it fits really well into the artwork we offer surrounding the Stoke school. 

He was head of art at the Salford School of Art and later taught art and ceramics in a special needs school in Oldham until his retirement when he has continued as a professional artist much admired and collected.

Often cited as being influenced by Keith Vaughan, Fernand Léger and William Roberts with a strong essence of the North.