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RUSSELL GREGORY : From The Studio Exhibition

So direct from the studio of Russell Gregory enjoy a selection of available paintings made in his Burslem Studio from 2017 to 2020.

Also enjoy a recording of Russell talking about the work in his studio with his wife and North Staffordshire journalist Jackie Gregory.

Amanda has known both Russell and Jackie for some time now and its wonderful to see Russell's work out in the open on the gallery website. Russell has been quite the underground artist for some time in North Staffordshire and we feel his work deserves a much wider recognition. We hope you can see into it in all its fierce honesty, bold truth in glorious technicolour palette which has come to mark Russell's work as totally original and recognisable as a Gregory. A definate unique talent, Russell also won the Arthur Berry prize at the Three Counties in 2017, he was really pleased as Arthur is one of his creative heros.