Anil Sculpture

Eastern Celestial Dancer Bronze 3/9 by Anil Sculpture


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Eastern Celestial Dancer bronze figure sculpted by Stoke on Trent based Anil Sculpture.

From the UK foundry 2022.

Signed and numbered 3 of 9.

Set on a bronze plinth with stainless steel patinated stand.

The bronze surface is patinated to look like the stone from which ancient Indian Hindu temples and statues have been carved by unknown master sculptors and artists. The dancer is one which is represented in the temples.

It is also an image which would have been removed or relocated to the British Museum during the occupation of India by the British Empire. A nude figure would have been seen as not appropriate to the colonisation of the Empire at the time.

The figure of the dancer is a spiritual representation. The nude body is not the focus of this work it is the energy of the dancer which is the expression of this sculpture.

Anil decribes:

"Thi peice dates

This piece can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Size: H47" x W18" x D16"


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