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I'm Not Here by Pamela Storey for Three Counties Open 2022


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Sculpture by artist Pamela Storey titled I'm Not Here by Pamela Storey for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 18x12x12 0.2kg

steel wire, rayon, stone

This is a wire woman sculpture in yoga easy pose (crossed legged, hands in prayer position). She is sat on a flat stone, from a dry stone wall. Concealing most of her figure, and over her head,  is a green small print khaki blanket. Her knees are the only visible part of her body. 

Work shown at The Puzzle Factory, 51 Cecil Road, Eccles, Salford this month. I am a member of The Puzzle Factory Root2 collaborative, and it was a group show to introduce our work to each other and the community.

Storey’s artistic concerns are with human form and universal experience, and our relationship to our environment. She is especially drawn to women’s representation and nature’s power to endure and transcend us all.

Liverpool and Falmouth trained, Pam is currently based in her native Cheshire, after a cosmopolitan itinerary living in London – where she held a studio in Hackney Wick’s Mother Studios - Liverpool, Manchester, Hamburg and Cornwall. Extended trips across Scotland and Scandinavia have also greatly impacted her practice both physically and culturally.

Pam enjoys the challenge of sculpting from nothing, intentionally working with readily available ordinary materials, for practicality, and to deliberately connect her art to the everyday. Pam’s sculptures commonly feature an Everywoman, often on the precipice of change. Similarly, she prefers to use materials that have the capacity to flow and transform: their fragility and corrosion being an intentional aspect to the life of the work.

She regularly exhibits locally in Cheshire, and has also shown work in London, Sheffield and in Cornwall, at Newlyn Art Gallery and in St Ives, where she is a member of St Ives Arts Club.

Pam was shortlisted for the Lady Petchey Sculpture Prize 2021.

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