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Studio Pottery

Studio pottery by studio potters across the Midlands and the North mostly come back to Stoke on Trent to buy their materials, clays, glazes, tools and gain expert knowledge on how to use new products and old and the absorb the secret combinations that can unlock the beauty created by earth, fire and minerals when at the hands of a highly talented art studio potter.

The studio potters we work with hand throw or hand construct their pottery. They glaze by hand and draw and paint on the pots. They are experimental to the core often producing new techniques and best of practice. Some teach and are considered master potters, others have produced books on their area of expertise.

All are professional and make a living by making pottery daily. Each unique in their own right. They produce beautiful objects of beauty out of clay and we are delighted to be able to work with them to be able to offer a wonderful Studio Pottery selection at Barewall Art Gallery.