Ian Mood

IM067 Golden (The Flame That Never Dies) by Ian Mood


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Original oil painting on board by Ian Mood.

Title: Golden (The Flame that Never Dies)

Oil on board.


Signed on reverse.


Painting size: 20" x 32"

Part of the Potteries series of works, originally displayed at Common Ground exhibition in 2018 where Ian Mood retraces the steps of his painter - grandad's paintings and photographs whilst also recording a fresh contemporary view of these places as they are today.

Golden (The Flame That Never Dies) shows a 21metres tall steel modern art sculpture called Golden by sculptor Wolfgang Buttress. Installed in 2015 stands on the site of the old Goldendale Ironworks on the outer edge of Tunstall, part of the Chatterley Whitfield Valley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

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