Covid has brought in fears and worries for all of us.

To run a business during this time is quite worrying. Will our customers be safe? Will it be safe to do business? Will the Barewall team be safe? And what about  the finances, will we do enough business? Will people still support us? 

Out of this our primary concern is to keep our customers, staff and suppliers completely safe whilst still being able to bring you beautiful and unique art for your beloved spaces as well as providing safe gifting ideas too.

ALL OF OUR STOCK IS IN A COVID FREE SPACE: We closed once the pandemic broke in line with government guidelines. We cleaned the space and items at this time and then closed to the public.

During the closed period our stock was accessed only by one person who followed social distancing guidelines and maintained hand washing throughout.  

NEW ARRIVALS: For new stock arrivals, our policy is to leave in-situ unopened for 72 hours after which we will remove the outer box from the gallery and clean the stock ready for labelling.

WASHING HANDS: We regularly wash hands, including on entry, before and after customer pickups and whenever we have post or a delivery come into the gallery.

CLEANING STATIONS: We have hand cleaning and sanitisers near to the entrance door at all times for entry and also to clean door handles. 

PICKUP and DELIVERY: We offer curbside pickup to your car or pick up from outside shop front. Please call to arrange pickup. We also offer free local delivery within 10 miles radius or free UK delivery for orders over £50.

VIEWINGS BY APPOINTMENT: Please call to discuss what you would like and we will be able to help either by booking a window viewing or a virtual viewing using zoom to your convenience during the day.

Or for a viewing at the gallery we have a space at the front of the gallery with a seat. We will do this with the door open, a table is provided with hand santiser. The piece(s) you would like to view will be placed safely in view on an easel or on a table for you to view and enjoy with plenty of light and space. Only one person will be allowed in the gallery to view or a couple from the same household. It is also possible to view via the large window space.

A table is placed outside the gallery with flowers to greet you. Please wait here to be invited to come into the seating area.

BROWSING the GALLERY: We are sad to say that as the shop areas of the gallery are too small so we are not able to provide you or the staff with a safe 2 metre distance at anyone time. However we would still like to be here for you, please do keep an eye on website which has new stock arriving regularly or if it is something in particular you are interested in please do book a window or virtual viewing. We will also help you with finding items you might like, please feel free to call the mobile.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch on 07932 717 718 which is now the gallery number during the pandemic.