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Barewall are pleased to be able to offer a number of additional art services which will help you enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Specialist Bespoke Framer and Restorer

In 2014 our separate studio space become a workshop space housing Studiio 29 a specialist framing workshop and restoration studio offering the following services:

  • Bespoke framing services
  • Mounting and glass replacement.
  • Cleaning of artwork and framing.
  • Re-varnishing or cleaning of original paintings and frames.
  • Restoration of artwork.
  • Exact colour matching service

Studio 29 is able to frame both 2D and 3D work, canvas, material, photographs, medals or momentos.

The Finest Colour

Our framing partner is a trained fine art practitioner and so is able to provide the perfect answer to your picture framing which will bring out the best in your art work. The selection of a moulding to suit your interior using their high quality specialist frame wood selection on offer enables the art framer to work on the colour of a frame to best match a room's interior whilst meeting the best needs of framing the artwork.

Arthur Berry Authentication and Cataloguing Service available from March 2016.

We work directly with the estate of Arthur Berry to help to advise on the authenticity of a piece of work which is signed Arthur Berry. We have started to see some works which are attributed to Berry but which are not his work and should be described as inspired by or labelled as after Arthur Berry.

If you would like your artwork to be authenticated by the estate please do get in touch. If the work is obviously a Berry a certificate of authenticity will be provided for the artwork and signed by the estate. If the work is more complicated and further investigation is required by the estate then an agreed fee will be discussed.

In addition to the authentication the artwork will also be photographed and catalogued. If the work is framed, this will be carefully removed and the work will be observed for cataloguing and the framing put back together in our specialist framing workshop ready for return.

Please note that any works which have been purchased from Barewall will not need to be authenticated, however it would be advisable to revisit the gallery to acquire the signed certificate by the estate after March 2016.

One off start authentication fee - £20

On off authentication fee with photography and cataloguing £50

The cataloguing exercise by Barewall on behalf of the Arthur Berry estate requires the work of a studio photographer, the cataloguer and the framer. The cost goes to cover the time of the people involved as well as the ongoing maintenance of the catalogue storage and backup.

The benefit of a work being catalogued is that it may be selected for exhibiton, it may be published in future books of selected artworks by Arthur Berry and that it will help to provide the basis for further study of Arthur Berry's artwork helping to maintain and understand his art legacy for years to come.

Re-valuation for Insurance available from March 2016.

Please do check your home insurance to ensure that you have covered the value of an artwork that your own adequately and that you have the paper work they require to agree any claims.

If you need proof of purchase then the art gallery receipt should be enough for this in the first instance while a revaluation might be something that you may consider to keep abreast of any movement in the price or a particular artist over time if required by your insurance company.

This will come in the form of a dated letter from the gallery with the artwork image and details and a recognition of the current market value of the work to buy a similar work by the artist from the gallery. A small fee will be applicable to cover the time of the gallery to research and produce a re-valuation.