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Trade Enquiries

If you are a gallery or a retailer interested in any of the items or artists that we have listed on the website please do contact Amanda Bromley on 01782 258 843  or email

We are able to offer working with galleries and museums across the UK on behalf of many of the artists and artist estates that we work with. This may be for either supply of work or for setup of exhibitions and provision of merchandise for the exhibition. If you are interested in the working with any of the artists collections on the website please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Football and Sports Art Products:

We have been associated with art and football since the beginning of Barewall. Our sports art website is the place to find the Barewall sports art collection. For trade enquiries on any of the items below, just ask for your team or colours.

All items are British made here in Stoke on Trent and very collectable.

Contact Paula on 01782 258 843 or email to discuss your requirements.

Football SuncatchersBoxed products made in Britain.Made in Britain. 


Paine Proffitt football prints trade enquiries.     Old Time Football Fan trade enquiries.