Three Counties Open 2023 27 July to 31 Aug

3C135 Crocodile 2023 by Bradley Sweeting for Three Counties Open 2023


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Original Acrylic and oil stick on canvas artwork titled Crocodile 2023 by artist Bradley Sweeting.

Size: 81 x 81 cm

Medium Acrylic and oil stick on canvas- Painting

This is a square painting of a lone angry green and black crocodile with white and red teeth, the crocodile also has a black and white halo above its head. Behind the crocodile there is a simple grey and blue background looking similar to the sky on a cloudy day or a concrete wall. It is painted quite freely with brush strokes visible.

Bradley Sweeting is an artist born in Stoke, growing up making many different types of art from film, photography, music and then focusing on painting in 2019. His ideas come from many different subjects from personal experiences and emotions, history, culture, people and art. Having independently studied many artists such as Picasso, Rothko, Cy Twombly and Basquiat finding great inspiration for his own work. Bradley recently showed his work for the first time in a successful and well received exhibition at the guild hall in Newcastle-under-lyme. .


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