Angela James

Arf a Berry! by Angela James for Three Counties Open 2022


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Sculpture by artist Angela James titled Arf a Berry! by Angela James for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 30cm H / 36cm W / 28cm D

Fabric manipulation / multi mediums.

Artist & Creator exploring all mediums, creating a diversity of different Art. My Degree is in Multi Disciplinary Design specialising in Illustration at Stoke Polytechnic (1970's), where I also volunteered at the Vic Theatre. While there I met Arthur Berry as he produced his Plays. About 5 years ago I was able to purchase a painting of his. I love his work. My own work developed more after family life settled down & textile manipulation came of interest to me. The Quilt and Stitch village theme for 2020 was to bring literature to life so I chose 'The Lament Of The Lost Pubs Of Burslem' I created a couple at a pub table & painted the characters in Arthurs style as I interpreted it. This entry had to wait over 2 years due to Covid. However it went ahead in April & I was so pleased to get 1st Prize. So my entry for this Exhibition is 'Arf A Berry' Hope you like it.

A rectangle board base holds a seated textile character who looks like Arthur Berry the Artist dressed in Jacket , shirt & trousers with a flat cap. The base is like a polished scratched floor on which there is an old faded tapestry to represent a carpet. He is sat on a bentwood stool made of wire, tin lid and wax, an old duster hangs over the bar. To the right of him is a circular table holding all the paraphernalia of a messy artist. Paint splashes, brushes, chalk, charcoal, wax, pastels & pots of brushes. Picture frames and pictures of Laurel & Hardy adorn the sides along with a painting of Arthurs. On the floor beside this is rolls of paper/canvases, rags, a plant, splashes of paint on the floor. Leading to a corner showing a piece of wall covered in wallpaper which is an old map of Burslem above a skirting board painted in the scratched wax paint same as the floor. There are two sketch books and a tray of pastels also on the floor. Arthur is painted in his layered style and colours.

This piece took 6 days to make..

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