Angela McGourlay

Cells 2021 by Angela McGourlay for Three Counties Open 2022


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Textiles by artist Angela McGourlay titled Cells 2021 by Angela McGourlay for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 42cm x 30cm

Thai silk, felt, copper shim

This is a rectangular textile piece in portrait orientation. There is network of approximately ten human skin cells cut out of black felt. Each cell space has then been filled from behind with Thai silk or felt in a variety of shades of green. Some cells have nuclei made from copper shim which contrasts with the green hues. One cell has a nucleus made from a cross stitched eyeball with a green iris. Two cells are filled with black cotton fabric that has small green octopuses holding eyeballs in four of their tentacles. The fabrics and copper shim are all blanket stitched into place by copper coloured thread which creates a metallic border to all the cells.

Primarily working in textiles, prints and digital art, I create hand sewn artwork and surface pattern designs. I enjoy creating obscure creatures that would not look out of place in a Victorian curio cabinet and have a long-standing fascination with the use of the human skull in art. My art has developed to include insects and undersea creatures as well as the ubiquitous eyeball which connects these human and non-human worlds. I attempt to create a symbiotic exchange between the viewer and my art through gaze detection.

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