Anne Mychalkiw

City by Anne Mychalkiw for Three Counties Open 2022


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Textiles by artist Anne Mychalkiw titled City by Anne Mychalkiw for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: height 55 cm Width 45 cm

Printed fabric ,acrylic paint, oil pastels.

This is a rectangular canvas in a portrait orientation .The work is made up of fragments of dyed and printed fabric cut in strips. The subject is the city. It is not a particular city just one in my imagination . The side edges are dark blue/grey and towards the centre of the picture there are lighter pieces of printed fabric with window shapes to represent buildings. The idea is to give the feeling of walking along a street and coming across the sun shining on high rise buildings. The work is textured from building up fabric layers with paint and art pastels on top. It is sunny on the inside with yellows ,oranges ,blue and lime green.
Anne Mychalkiw graduated with a degree in Surface Pattern Design from Staffordshire University. The course was mainly illustration and fabric design. However Anne has designed for ceramics and individually designed textiles in recent years. She has always been interested in collage techniques and she takes the collage idea into textiles by using appliqué . She dyes and prints fabrics for use in her work. Stitch can be used to embellish the work. Colour and texture are very important in her work. She enjoys incorporating fabric and paint techniques .

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