E208 Blue Hawthorne Ceramic Shard Silver Drop Earrings by Unearthed

Beautiful handmade silver drop earrings with deep blue ceramic shards found in Jackfield, Shropshire.

The ceramic shard was found in the High Street. The ceramic shards are from a broken saucer found in Jackfield. The deep blue and white pottery feature a hawthorne blossom and vine pattern made by Coalport as per the makers mark on the saucer. Each shard measures 14mm in diameter. Both have been cut and polished. The inside of the shards are ceramic white.

The earrings both have a small faceted rose quartz stone embellishments included in the design.

The sterling silver drop earrings come with are 100% made of recycled silver by Unearthed, an eco-friendly jewellery maker based in North Staffordshire.

Made in Stoke on Trent. Boxed with eco-friendly recyclable packaging.

Ref: E208 Hawthorne and Roses Ceramic Shard Silver Drop Earrings  - Jackfield

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