Dora Williams

Flamingo 2020 by Dora Williams for Three Counties Open 2022


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Painting by artist Dora Williams titled Flamingo 2020 by Dora Williams for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 26.5 x 17

Gouache on watercolour paper.

Rectangle in portrait orientation. Figure of Jack of hearts taking a selfie, surrounded by flowers animals and medieval banners. Rich vibrant colours. Jack is dressed elaborately in red tights and a blue and gold tunic decorated with hearts. He also wears a long flowing scarf that is gold with butterflies and swans. He wears a a velvet hat with a plumb of feathers and it is decorated with pearls. He has another scarf draped around his face. He has ginger hair and all his pets are various shades of ginger. Over his red tights he wears white see through draws that are decorated with flamingos on his feet wears fluffy bootie slippers. One banner has a peacock butterfly decoration with a crest of birds and other creatures. There is a ginger cat in the foreground photo bombing. And a Guinea pig. They are both surrounded by flowers. There is a dog sitting on a bench next to Jack and in the background there are campaign tents. There is a statue of a cat wearing a face mask, it is sitting on a plinth with the words Covid19 carved in the stone. Jack stands on a cobbled road that meanders into the distance. There is a border of Hearts and spades, clubs and diamond with dice it is a chequered border. The lyrics from Pretty Flamingo are written in gold on a black background and are part of the border.

Born in Heswall Wirral. Art school Chester 1967-69. Art college Stoke on Trent 1969-72 won RSA Bursary in 1971 for surface pattern and got a college diploma in surface pattern. Worked for Tootal fabrics Manchester as a colourist / designer 1974-76. Freelance work in surface pattern 1976-87. 1987-1990 BA hons in multidisciplinary design at Staffs Polytechnic. Specialized in ceramics. 1990-2011 social work. Now retired.

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