Dom Marshall

More Songs by Dom Marshall for Three Counties Open 2022


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Printmaking by artist Dom Marshall titled More Songs by Dom Marshall for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 300mm x 300mm

water based screen printing inks on to McDonalds bag

More Songs is an artwork screen printed on to a used McDonalds bag. Influenced by the band Talking Heads album cover for their record 'More Songs about Buildings and Food', the print consists of four silhouetted figures of the members of the band being played by Dom's family. A background of orange contrasts with the blues and reds of the clothing represented on the figures, the graphic text from the take away bag can still be seen through the printed colours. Dom returned to screen printing 12 months ago after a long gap and took to building up his skills using cheaper papers and found materials rather than expensive paper.

In January 2021, 27 years since leaving art college and pursuing a career in graphic and ceramic design, Dom felt that the time was right to get back to where it all started; designing and screen printing his own work. His prints, created on the kitchen table, are informed by colour, typography, graphics and humour which he draws upon to create his unique prints. Inspired to make the most out of every print, both successes and failures, he loves to print on found materials like fast food bags and packaging. More Songs was inspired by one of the record covers made with his family for his lockdown project which saw them recreate 100 album covers from Dom's record collection, the results of which were later published in a book 'Never mind the Marshalls, here's 100 album covers.' Dom's work was recently featured in the Green Town show at the Newcastle Common gallery space, featuring work by several artists shining a light on the energy and climate crisis.

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