Claire Vardy-White

Night, Euston Rd. 2021 by Claire Vardy-White


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Painting by artist Claire Vardy-White titled Night, Euston Rd. 2021 by Claire Vardy-White

Artwork Size: 82x82 cm

Oil on Canvas.

A square oil on canvas Painting an impression of night with lights and shapes that light casts, A flat plane alluding to a road with some perspective. A reference to trees on the left and bright lights on the right.

I make paintings that are about landscape, place, about spaces colour and form. Often they are abstracted from the initial impression or the visual that I am affected by. The possibilities are endless, what to include and what to leave out but eventually the painting dictates how it will be, having undergone different interpretations.

Exhibited in the

Chester 14th Open Art Show in December 2021.

Three Counties Open July 2022.

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