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Philip Hardaker Ceramics Plastic Sea Fish 1995 by Philip Hardaker

Philip Hardaker

Plastic Sea Fish 1995 by Philip Hardaker


Original ceramic and found plastic wall hanging art piece by Philip Hardaker titled "Ammonite Plastic Sea", made in 1995.

Size: 80 x 40 cm

Wall hanging framed, glass mosaic and artist modelled ceramic parian ware and found plastic from the beach, into a design of an Ammonite.

An ammonite is now only seen in a fossil form in sedimentary rocks which would have formed from shells of crustasans. Using the design of the ammonite in plastic  is itself a message that our time now will perhaps introduce plastic from the seas and so into the rocks for ages to discover and it may mark this time by the visual existence of plastic in the rocks.  

This one off original artwork is made up of a number of hand made parianware, ceramic plaques with plastic  bottle tops and found plastic from beach combing fixed onto a flat surface which is backlit making this a very attractive art light unique peice, with a message from all the way back to 1995. This global issue of plastic in the sea is now very topical whereas this issue was not really being talked about in 1995. A very forward thinking piece of work, before its time and it shows the skill of this artist to see issues which need to be talked about, one of the most important roles of artists is to talk about issues perhaps when people might not register them.

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