Chris Ofili

R.I.P. Stephen Lawrence 1974 - 1993 by Chris Ofili

Limited edition screen print titled R.I.P Stephen Lawrence (1974 - 1993)

Lithograph and photoluminescent ink on paper.

Lithographic print in four colours with silkscreened glow-in-dark text

This screen print is included in both the Tate Colletion and the V&A Collection.

Artist: Chris Ofili

Edition of 100 includes signed COA.

Chris Ofili born in 1968, is best known as one of the Young British Artists (YBA) which took part in the Charles Satchi exhibition of the 1990's Sensation.

This piece was made in 2013 as a remembrance of London teenage Stephen Lawrence who was murdered by racist white youths whilst waiting at a bus stop in 1993. This piece was made in 2013, 20 years later to highlight that his death should be remembered and that racism should be stopped.

It is pertinent that even today in 2020 that racial crime is still being committed and by some racist police officers. The rise to the Black Life's Matter (BLM) movement after the 2020 death of George Floyd at the hand of police officers in America became international after film footage of George Floyd's killing was released over social media. What followed highlighted that institutional racism still exists across civil society.    

Print size 450 × 356 mm

Framed size: 540mm x 650mm / 21.25" x 25.5"


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