R172 Hawthorne Pottery Shard Silver Ring by Unearthed


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Beautiful handmade silver ring with ceramic shard found in Jackfield, Shropshire.

The ceramic shard is from a design called Hawthorne. It was found in Jackfield along the Severn River very near to the Coalport Factory which started in 1795, the factory produced several patterns, including Hawthorne. The shard shows a part of the design which shows a hawthorne blossom under an almost indigo blue and white glaze.

The ring is 100% made of recycled silver by Unearthed, an eco-friendly jewellery maker based in North Staffordshire.


Made in Stoke on Trent. Boxed with eco-friendly recyclable packaging.

Ref: R172 Hawthorne Pottery Shard Silver Ring - Ironbridge

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