Clare Lord

Reflections by Clare Lord for Three Counties Open 2022


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Painting by artist Clare Lord titled Reflections by Clare Lord for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 90cm x 60cm

Oil on canvas.

This is an oil painting on canvas in a portrait orientation of 90 cm x 60cm. The painting depicts a pond with tall green reeds and almost flesh coloured water lilies in the foreground. A bull rush draws the eye up through the multicoloured reflections to the bank at the back of the pool, where more reeds stand in front of the brightly lit  fishing pools beyond. Here the sharp light green of the trees fall behind darker green branches to create a circular movement around the centre of the painting following the dark leaning tree and its reflection. There are strong vertical elements to the composition to either side created by the Fisherman's clubhouse on the left and the tall straight tree and its reflection to the right. The overall effect is one of both movement and tranquility - this was how I felt about the place while I was painting there where the silence of the location was interrupted only by the sound of the trout jumping and the cry and flight of the many water birds. 

I have always painted and drawn but over the last fifteen years, since retiring, have been teaching adults and children to draw as well as creating a wide range of my own work. I love to work from life and this painting was completed outside at a local trout fishery in May 2022. I was a finalist in Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2021 where my ability to work quickly and on a large scale was fully put to the test! I am currently running a class called 'Everyone can Draw' at a local village hall in Fradswell, Staffs. The class is particularly aimed at people who think they can't and welcomes all ages and abilities.

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