Suzanne Ball

Rockpool 2022 by Suzanne Ball for Three Counties Open 2022


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Painting by artist Suzanne Ball titled Rockpool 2022 by Suzanne Ball for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 45.5cm height 35.5cm width

Ink pens and watercolour on watercolour paper

This is a rectangular piece on watercolour paper comprising of ink pen and watercolour paints. You are taken on a journey from the clear reflection on the water in the foreground, though to the horizon and the vast sea. The vivid complementary colours are a reflection of the energy and drama of the overshadowing rock faces on the life and richness of the pools. There is a feeling the rocks are bleeding into the water, creating unity between the two separate mediums.

I studied art at A level (quite a few years ago). I left art and life moved on. I continued to have the deep desire to draw and paint but lacked the confidence each time I tried. After loosing my mum 6 years ago I needed an outlet to aid my emotional wellbeing. I knew if I learned more of the theory of art, specifically drawing and painting, this would help me structure my creative thoughts. Mark Lippett a Staffordshire artist and tutor was a fantastic guide along my journey. Having since moved into Shropshire, I have continued on this journey on my own, stretching my boundaries through each completed piece. I have a habit of only drawing and painting what I have an emotional attachment to, which often brings me to the sea. I have three young children and I work as a hand therapist, so squeezing in art can be a challenge at times...but art is something I am never going to let go of again.

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