Frank Proudlove Collection

Tonic Sol-Fa Prize Choirs Concert at Burslem Town Hall 1861 Canvas from The Frank Proudlove Collection


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The Prize Choirs Tonix Sol-Fa Prize Choirs Concert at Burslem Town Hall in 1861 on canvas from the original unseen poster from The Frank Proudlove Collection.

Published for the first time by Barewall Art Gallery. Launched 2019.

The Frank Proudlove family donated the collection of posters to Barewall to help projects in Burslem. Barewall have now launched this initial collection to help to raise money for Burslem projects.

Available as printed on stretch canvas and ready to hang or mounted art print or framed.

The second image is for size only.

Canvas Size Size: 2ft x 3ft or 61 x 91.5cm or A1 size.

Please allow 1 week for delivery.

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