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Ugly Duck - Play by Deborah McAndrew


A new comedy by Deborah McAndrew

Life and Art and Life

Burslem bloke Dennis Hancock wouldn't win any beauty contests. Life long

Port Vale fan, Dennis, is rapidly declining in middle age, and slowly sinking into the ranks of the long-term unemployed.

In desperation he answers an advertisement in the Sentinel for an artist's model and discovers unexpected friends in the troubled young artist Kat Drosdzowski and her overbearing parents.

As Kat begins to paint him, Dennis finds himself exposed in more ways than one. When his personal life reaches a crisis, he makes a surprising choice and suffers the consequences.

First presented by claybody theatre at the Burslem School of Art, Stoke on Trent, this Potteries tale is a warm hearted comedy about life's stuggles, surprising friendships and the healing power of art. 

Published by claybodytheatre.

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