Ian Mood

View from Hanley Forest Park towards Porthill by Ian Mood

Acrylic on board. Original painting of the Potteries by Ian Mood.

Titled: View from Hanley Forest Park towards Porthill 2018


Signed on reverse.

Framed size: 24cm x 24.5cm 

Image size: 20cm x 20.5cm or 8" x 8"

This is an acrylic painting by Endon born artist Ian Mood. It is part of a collection of paintings which he made as part of a personal project called Common Ground in which he paints scenes of places that his grandfather wanted to or did paint previously. His paintings nearly decades later form a record of the Potteries today but also show a contemporary take on the scenes by this locally born artist who is very well known in both the British Northern art scene and in the Nantucket art scene, USA.



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