Philip Hardaker

Wedgwood Institute Arts Palace for the Poor 2013 by Philip Hardaker

Original ceramic art work by Philip Hardaker, titled "Wedgwood Institute Arts Palace for the Poor" 2013.

Size: 85 x 60 cm or 33 x 24"

Substantial exhibition piece by Philip Hardaker for his solo show at Barewall art Gallery in 2013 called "For Burslem with Love".

Framed wall hanging set in a reclaimed frame with with a hand painted back board and artist mmodelled ceramics with reclaimed and found ceramics.

This one off original artwork is made up of a number of mixed hand made and artist found broken ceramic shards and fragments related to Life, fixed onto a flat surface titled "Wedgwood Institute Arts Palace for the Poor".

Made by fine art ceramicist Philip Hardaker in 2013.

At the time the Grade II * listed Wedgwood Institute had been closed for some time with little known about its future. It previously had been the library for the town and was closed as part of the cuts made by the council due to the cuts from government funding and austerity caused from the financial meltdown of 2008. 

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