Jack Simcock exceeds auction estimates thanks to Potteries Auctions and Barewall teamup

Exciting news in November, Barewall hosted a 4 day viewing of 10 unseen paintings from the accountant of artist Jack Simcock, which were to be auctioned at Potteries Auctions on November 10th.

Barewall have been working with the artist family since 2012 when Jack sadly passed the night before his last exhibition opening at Keele. The exhibition was titled "The Boys" and featured Jack's selected abstract paintings alongside Enos Lovatt and Arthur Berry.

Barewall have been selling Jack's oils and drawings regularly since 2012. We have a wonderful collection at the gallery which complimented the viewing of the unseen works about to come up for auction.

It made sense to work with Potteries Auctions to look at making the most of this opportunity to make Jack's fans aware.  

The collection was estimated as per past auction prices and offered a wonderful opportunity to acquire Jack Simcock paintings at a bit of a bargain.

Works went for a record prices including a mid size oil for £3500 + auction fees.

We are delighted that the auction prices for Jack Simcock have now caught up to gallery prices and it shows they can offer a chance of a good potential investment in art when partners work together. Barewall and Potteries Auctions clearly offered a fabulous team up for Jack Simcock's work and Barewall look forward to working together going forward to strengthen the interest in the untapped North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Art market.

With this wonderful news for the Jack Simcock market please do take a look at the Jack Simcock paintings for sale at Barewall Art Gallery.

Jack Simcock in his Mow Cop studio, North Staffordshire