We are an established art gallery based in Stoke-on-Trent which sells Modern British 20th Century and Contemporary Art specialising in artists from traditionally working class areas of Great Britain.

We are locatBarewall Art Gallery based in Burslem Town Centreed in Burslem, the Mothertown of The Potteries an area of the North Midlands which is known for the production of pottery for hundreds of years.

Our 20th Century art collection includes artists Arthur Berry, Enos Lovatt, Muriel Pemberton, Jack Simcock, John Shelton, Norman Cope, Derek Higginson. All have connections to The Burslem School of Art which was the creative training ground for the art departments of the giants in pottery manufacture throughout the 20th century, including Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Spode, and Moorcroft. 

We also represent artists who are producing work now including Ivan Taylor, Geoffrey Wynne RI, Richard Fitton, Ian Mood, Helen Tarr, Claire Vardy-White, Rob Pointon, Lucy Manfredi and Paine Proffitt all prestigious prize winning artists with international art followings.

To complement the artwork we additionally display many ceramicists both studio potters and free hand art pottery artists producing unique one off art pottery including Andrew Matheson, Kate Collins, Anita Harris, Peter Harris, Burslem Pottery and Lyn James as well as new guest ceramicists.

Our sculpture offering includes Enos Lovatt one-off floor standing figurative ceramic work from the 60s, as well as ceramic assemblage sculpture by Edward McKenzie and Philip Hardaker and internationally famous ceramic artist Neil Brownsword.

We can also arrange commissions on request please check our services page for more information.

We also have a made in the UK gift selection of limited edition prints, glassware, small ceramics and cards in our Gift of Art shop in where we select a collection which are under £50. To fit with our carbon sustainable program we offer gifts made locally.

Our Proud of Collection 'tips it's hat' to work which relates to British working-class and culture. It aims to provide a collection of work which many places in  Great Britain can be proud of, shown by wonderful works of art which portray the people, its history, the industry, the architecture and the locations, showing them in the past or current state as a wonderful place to visit and enjoy.

The Team at Barewall

We have a number of people that work with the gallery making it a unique place to visit including Amanda, Paula, Leone, and Lyn. We also have the pleasure to work with some very special volunteers and supporters who have helped to make the openings of our events and exhibitions a warm and inviting affair. Please be assured of a friendly visit.