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Original Art

Barewall's original art collection covers a number of styles with a the main running theme of artist's who are connected to The Potteries whilst displaying a national presence.

We also have delved into the art history stories of the area and found a number of names o which there is a desire to explore further and collect including many of the names we have been studying and promoting since Barewall started in 2010. This exercise of exploratory work has been a huge honour to undertake. To tell the stories so far discovered of which we know there are many more to come is how we see the past can influence and connect to the present. The Stoke art history is one which is yet to be properly written and once it is we have no doubt of its merit in the Northern Art story as well as in the British art scene overall. Exciting times are upon us no doubt.

In addition to the 20th century collection of course we do work with artists who are producing quality work today, making there own way in the world of art including Paine Proffitt, Rob Pointon, David Wild, David Brammeld RBA, Geoeffrey Wynne RI and Jiri Borsky and Rachel Grant to name some of the artists we represent.

If you would like to discuss of the work or new works becoming available please do not hesitate to get in touch with the gallery.