Local Artist Gets A Helping Hand

One month into Lockdown, Society of Staffordshire Artists member, Nick Moore, contacted numerous high-profile artists, musicians and craftspeople to undertake new portrait paintings.

In what could have been a creative vacuum, opportunity to paint life models was non-existent.

Following an exchange of ideas and images, the artist embarked on a number of portraits with a theme of “Artists Influencing Artists”.

Keith Brymer Jones was happy to be involved and was one of the first undertaken.

Keith is a ceramic designer and working potter. Alongside creating homeware and bespoke studio ceramics he’s an expert judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown, which returns to our screens in 2021.

The successful TV show is now in its fourth series and is filmed at Middleport Pottery in the heart of The Potteries. It returns to our screens on 10 January 2021.

Keith is no stranger to the City and exhibited at Spode, Stoke in 2019 in conjunction with local creatives. Echoes of Spode - Absent Tribe, had 1100 of his beakers, each commemorating the workforce when the pottery site was at its busiest. The installation ran alongside the British Ceramics Biennial.

Nick said: “Keith is someone I’ve admired since first seeing him on television.

“From the moment we exchanged messages in Lockdown, it was clear that his compassion and support was going to make the preparation for the portrait easy.”

“I deliberated and chose to focus on Keith’s hands cradling one of his wheel-thrown mugs. His discipline at the potter’s wheel has hardened his hands into strong production tools. Conversely, that strength is controlled and apparent in the gentle way he holds his delicate ceramic creations.

“I see Keith as possessing similar opposing qualities. For such a strong personality he has a real understanding and compassion for all thing creative. I believe he was quite moved when we revealed the painting called “Hands Of The Potter” on Instagram with the many supportive and complimentary messages.”

“Hands Of The Potter” and Nick’s other portrait paintings can be purchased from Barewall Gallery, Burslem by calling Amanda Bromley on 07932 717 718 or visiting www.barewall.co.uk