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Agnete Hoy (1914 - 2000)

Agnete Hoy, aka Anita Hoy, a British artist and ceramicist who created a link between industrial ceramics and the work of studio potters. Having studied in Copenhagen she went on to work for the Holbæk and Saxbo potteries in the late-1930s before returning to England. The outbreak of war meant she was unable to return. She joined Buller’s studio under the leadership of the then principal of The Burslem School of Art, and head of design at Pilkington’s Gordon Forsyth.

Reference: Bullers Exhibition Catalogue 1977 Gladstone Pottery Museum

Art among the Insulators : The Bullers Studio 1977:

"Agnete Hoy:

Designer, decorator, Art Director 1940-52

Trained at Copenhagen Central School of Arts & Crafts. Designer with Gerhard Neilson at Holbeck for 1.5 years, later Nathalie Krebs at Saxo Pottery. Came to England 1939. Studied at Burslem under Forsyth who introduced her to Guy Harris. Appointed Art Director 1940 produced characteristic range of ornamental and tablewares. From 1948 continued on a part time basis until 1952.

After the closure of the Bullers Studio, designer at Doulton's Lambeth factory 1952-1956 working in stoneware. Has continued to work as a potter since mostly in Porcelain. Teaches at Farham and other colleges of art."  

Buller's Studio was in operation from 1937 to 1952. They were primarily known for creating ceramic insulators for industry. For them to branch out into studio pottery with an eminent set of potters of the day was ground-breaking.

The pottery produced is unique, of its time cutting edge and represents a time of Britain going through great trauma with the War and post War era into a time of ideas and invention presented through the Festival of Britain in the 1950s.

In 1957 Agnete went on be one of the founding memeber of the Craft Potters Association (CPA).

Barewall are delighted to be able to present this collection of Anita Hoy's pottery for Bullers and sharing with you a new part of the Potteries history of that time when again British design in the Potteries was making its marks on the design history of Britain.

Agnete Hoy born in 1914 in Southall, London and died 2000 in Isleworth, London.

For more information about Agnete Hoy please visit a wedbsite created by the family of Anita Hoy :