Agnete Hoy

Fawn coloured Foal circa 1941 by Agnete Hoy

High porcelain ceramic figure of a foal modelled and decorated by Agnete Hoy (1914 - 2000).

This young horse has been hand modelled, cast and decorated with a light fawn colour glazed body with brown spots decoration to the back, mane, tail and eyes. The design includes elongated eyelashes and high tail. 

Likely to be circa 1941.

This is a stylised impression of a young horse / pony designed by Agnete Hoy.

Made in at Bullers in Stoke on Trent circa 1941.

Size: 20 x 16cm x 8cm

Provenance: This piece comes from the ownership of a large collector of Bullers Studio Pottery. A similar image of the form of a deer exists on the Agnete Hoy website.

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