Anne Courtine

Working Together - Wedgwood Institute Frieze Burslem by Anne Courtine


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Original frieze painting in pastel by artist Anne Courtine titled Working Together , Wedgwood Institute Frieze, Burslem by Anne Courtine.

Artwork Size: 35 x 70cm

Watercolour and pastel.

Fascinated by heritage, I discovered that of Stoke on Trent, and in particular that of Burslem in 2019. The Burslem institute is magnificent, and I decide to paint it in different ways. I like square formats. I first use watercolour on a 300 mg paper then I paint with dry pastels. I pay a lot of attention to detail and light.

All my work on heritage is a desire to safeguard the heritage of our ancestors and to highlight the buildings they built with passion.

Born in 1969 in Paris, into a family of artists, I studied close Paris. With a resolutely “artist” soul, I do everything possible to find the best opportunities to integrate an artistic network. My dad teaches me all the basics. In 1985, I was at the E. Delacroix high school in Maisons-Alfort. My father gives me two small cardboard boxes dating from 1954, one with fine Daler-Rowney pastels, the other with Rembrandt. This is the revelation! Then I paint many subjects with pastel. Self-taught, I spend hours taming this technique, working tirelessly on artists' portraits. This medium allows all forms of expression, from hyperrealism to pure abstraction. The range of choices in terms of brands allows a veritable symphony of pictorial approaches, not to mention the multiple papers and supports that increase the potential. I also like the softness of the pastel and the fact of working the material directly with the fingertips. Since then, I paint on different media, using different techniques. I research, I elaborate, I make, I invent, I miss, I surprise myself with certain discoveries. In short, I love my job! The creative act, whatever the field, is the best way to know who we are deep inside. Driven by great faith, I have always wanted to pay homage to “Beauty” in all its forms. From my work with children (my first job), I have retained a natural attraction for bright and shimmering colours. My desire to paint light enchants my palette. My goal as an artist is to transmit this enchantment.

Since 2015,I am member of Pastel Society of France. Since, I have joined a few pastel societies (Nevada, Canada...). Now I work regularly at Stoke on Trent. I am an artist Tutor since 2014.

This painting is also available as a print from Barewall Art Gallery.

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