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ADAMS Britain's Oldest Potting Dynasty Hardback Book by Philip Nanney Williams


ADAMS Britain's Oldest Potting Dynasty Hardback Book

by Philip Nanney Williams now available at £25 direct from Barewall

Philip Nanney Williams is first and foremost an educationalist with an extensive background in teaching and an MA in education and management. In the field of education this former headteacher has written a range of best-selling publications but the last decade has turned his attention to chronicling the history of notable families he is fortunate to call his ancestors.

His painstaking research, overwhelmingly undertaken in lockdown, reveals what a crucial role the Adams family played in the development of Staffordshire's great potting industry and provides intimate glimpses into their fascinating lives of members of this most ancient lineage.

"The History of the Adams family of potters is a most remarkable one. Tracing their ancestry back to the rein of Edward I, they can legitimately claim to be in at the birth of Staffordshire's great potting tradition, an assertion further collaborated by the fact that they are acknowledged as the oldest potting family for which records exist."

"Since the 15th century, sixteen generation of this noble potting dynasty handed down the tools of their ancient trade from fathers to eldest sons (who traditionally bore the Christian name of William). These were men of grit, talent and determination who made their mark on Staffordshire's burgeoning potting industry. In particular, three William Adamses flourished in the reign of George III, and none more so than the noted William Adams of Greengates - one of Wedgwood's closest and ablest friends."

"From attempted murder to associations with an archetypal regency rake and tales of intrepid travellers, the family's colourful history unfolds through the lives of this inspirational family and their extensive connections."

"Lavishly illustrated with more that three hundred photographs and graphics, many originating from the extensive Adams family papers. Adams: Britain's Oldest Potting Dynasty brings their fascinating history to life."

321 Pages haardback with dust cover and gold silk page marker.

Published by Llwyn Estates Publication.

Adams - Britain's Oldest Potting Dynasty is the second history book by Philip Nanny Williams, author of the much acclaimed Nannau - A Rich Tapestry of Welsh History. Emulating the ground breaking format of the best selling companion volume, it vividly recounts the Adams' colourful history through a wealth of images and graphics.

Barewall are delighted to be the outlet for this wonderfully accessible historic tome which also brings to life the days of Burslem growing from an agricultural landscape to one of Potteries and craft, the early Mother town of the Staffordshire Potteries.  

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