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And Miss Carter Wore Pink: Scenes from an Edwardian Childhood Book by Helen Bradley

And Miss Carter Wore Pink Scenes From an Edwardian Childhood Written by Author and Artist Helen Bradley.

Reprint edition 1973. Hardback with dustcover first published 1971, 32 pages.

First edition Release Date: 14-10-1971

Niave painter of her childhood Edwardian scenes Helen Bradley painting started in her 60's in order to show her grandchildren the happy childhood she remembered.

This is the first of a series of book portraying the pictures and stories in her art. She became incredibly collected despite the fact she looked a little like an upmarket Ena Sharples at her easel studio at home. She exhibited across the UK and aboard and I imagine as a female artist who was authentic following her roots and not to the artworld as a whole was probably a breath of fresh air.  


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