Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett Society Newsletter Booklets 2018-2021


Only 3 pieces in stock!

The Arnold Bennett Society publishes a well researched and extensive newsletter each quarter for their members, this proves to be an invaluable item for literary researchers and those interested in Bennett history and connections including to the local area.

A few of the newsletters have been discovered at the society and they have provided these to Barewall to help to raise funds for the society to continue important work on the Bursley Trail located in Burslem, Stoke on Trent.

Each of the newsletters are A5 in size, include a table of contents which is included in the images. All are £3 each.

Available Newsletters include:

Winter 2021, Volume 6, No 10

Spring 2021, Volume 6, No. 11

Autumn 2020, Volume 6, No. 9

Spring 2020, Volume 6, No. 8

Winter 2020, Volume 6, No. 7

Autumn 2019, Volume 6, No. 6

Spring 2019, Volume 6, No. 5

Winter 2019, Volume 6, No. 4

April 2018, Volume 6, No. 2




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