Arthur Berry

Jug and Wash Bowl 1990 by Arthur Berry


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Original painting, mixed media on card titled "Jug and Wash Bowl Still Life" by Arthur Berry.

Title Jug and Wash Bowl, Still Life 1990

Mixed Media on card

Signed and dated

Size  67.5cm x 51.5cm (26.5in x 20.25in)

At this time we take convenience and hygiene pretty much for granted. But not so many decades ago, sanitation was still a luxury that only the middle class and upper could afford. This painting captures just how important the Jug and Wash Basin or Bowl were in our everyday lives!

Bring home this nostalgic piece of art to remind you of your working-class roots and a life before toilets became a norm. Arthur Berry was fascinated by the ordinary things in life and chose to capture them in paint rather than the classically painted scenes of the day. Arthur upheld the ordinary above the special in that way he upheld the Potteries working people above the priviledged.

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