Raymond Coxon

RM3MM The Centaurs c1930 by Raymond Coxon


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Pen and Crayon drawing titled The Centaurs circa 1930 by Raymond Coxon.

Mixed media on paper.

Drawing size: 26.5cm x 21.5cm / 10.5" x 8.5" 

Framed size: 42cm x 37cm / 16.5" x 14.5" 

Framed in simple gold leaf slim wood frame with dark green mount under glass.

On researching this light and magical drawing of a group of Centaurs in a forest which includes two female Centaurs (Centaurides) and a male Centaur.  A group of Centaurs and Centaurides can also be called Centauroi which is the name of the horseman tribe they are based on. The story of Centaurs and Centauresses is one from Greek Methology. Centauresses are less mentioned in the Greek methological writings so this is a lovely female version of the story.  

Provenance: Previously listed with owner and gallery on the reverse.

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