Moira Forsyth

Arts and Crafts Style Silver Lustre Bowls circa 1925 signed by Moira Forsyth

Arts & Crafts style silver lustre bowls one with twin handle circa 1925 with central motifs hand painted by Moira Forsyth.

The bowl outer edge is decorated with stylised foliage and lustre glazed - diameter 15cm

The twin handled bowl is not decorated on the outer but is beautifully lustre glazed - size 18.5cm  

These beautiful special pottery pieces were made by Moira Forsyth (with guidance from her father) no doubt looking at the Pilkington's influence. Moira gained multiple orders for her pottery however the 1926 general strike meant that she was unable to complete the orders and so closed the pottery. 

Moira Forsyth (1905-1991) is daughter of Gordon Mitchel Forsyth famous artist and head of design at Pilkington's and later super intendent of Stoke on Trent Art Schools. After the failure of the pottery she focused her talents onto stained glass and churches, perhaps crafting her skill at St Josephs church in Burslem during its construction by the congrgation with help and guidance from Gordon Forsyth who held stained glass classes at the Wedgwood Institute on Saturday mornings for the locals. She is now famous for her 20th century stained glass commissions for multiple cathedrals including Norwich and her pottery is included in V&A collection.

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