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Edward Mackenzie (b.1937)

Edward Mackenzie, assembelage artist was born in Los Angeles in 1937 and raised in Connecticut. He spent his early years studying in New York. Where he was also an assistant to the photographer Alexei Brodovitch, before moving to London to study at the Royal College of Art (1966-1968) as a Fulbright scholar.

During his successful artistic career Mackenzie has lived in England, New Zealand and America building up a strong following in all three countries. Mackenzie has worked as a freelance designer for companies including Observer Magazine, Penguin Books, Polydor Records, and Jaeger in Paris. While living in New Zealand he was awarded the prestigious grant the Queen Elizabeth II Creative New Zealand and exhibited widely thought the country. He also converted an old shop front into a studio and exhibition gallery, in Maine, USA.

In 2014 Edward moved from America to England where he is now based in the Potteries town of Tunstall Stoke-on-Trent.

Mackenzie describes himself as an “assemblage artist” due to the use of objects within his work. He says “I’ve always collected things- mainly manufactured items, responding to the things I love. Working mostly as an assamblagist, I used items from my collection. I investigate and “play” with whatever object I am working on and get to know the material in some depth. One could say I learn to speak its language and dance its dance. I respond and interpret via my work, sometimes introducing other materials and – ideas – the cohesive element in my art, born of experience, interesting and imagination.”

Barewall are delighted to be working with this exciting, talented and experienced artist.